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Thanks to the support of Netwealth, Australian students can continue to access an engaging, financial education even while in a remote learning environment.

Banqer provides students with hands-on experience of the financial world, directly to their device. Built for the classroom and perfect for remote learning students enter a virtual economy, having their own online mock bank accounts, transacting with one another and the teacher. They experience budgeting, taxes, super, mortgages and much more in a hands on, safe and controlled environment.

Netwealth and Banqer share a mission of enabling, educating and inspiring people to see wealth differently, to discover a brighter future. Netwealth themselves offer an online platform where big kids can invest their super and investments. Together we’re preparing young Australians for their financial futures.

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Financial and life lessons at Port Fairy Consolidated School

Bob has been using Banqer in his class of 21 year 5 and 6's. He’s seen its numerous applications in the classroom, discovering ample opportunities to go beyond the immediate curriculum links and explore broader financial and life lessons.

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