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See how Banqer is helping Kiwi kids

We believe financial education should be accessible to all New Zealand primary and intermediate students. And we’re working with Kiwibank so that it can be.

Kiwibank is delighted to be funding Banqer into 3,300 classrooms. Help make your child’s classroom one of them.

It’s easy to refer a teacher to Banqer!

Fill out the referral form and we’ll send them some helpful information on what Banqer can do for their classroom and students.

The things they didn’t know about when we started - interest, mortgages, loans - and now they do. I can’t say no let’s stop doing Banqer because it’s so good.

Kirsty Anderson – Broadfields School

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It only takes a minute to set up Banqer and we provide helpful tutorials, videos and lesson plans to get you started