Courtney Yukich

Using Banqer in Year 5&6

My class love Banqer! I began using it last year but more as a classroom reward system. My class loved forming businesses together and pooling their money together. I had used a few of the lesson plans. This year I have begun using the lesson plans and have created google slides for the students to use as part of their independent maths activities for the different modules. The students receive wages for classroom responsibilities and all members receive the average wage for a teenager in NZ $356 p/w (NZ herald article-see pic). As a class we have brainstormed ways to earn money for quality work and extra efforts e.g. submitting book reviews for bonuses. My students find it highly motivating!!!!!!! I am looking forward to taking it further and exploring the real estate modules. It is a great resource that can be linked to so many other learning opportunities in the classroom