Jason Barkle

Ideas/Tips for Banqer

Here are a few of my ideas/tips that I have gathered over my first term of using Banqer:- Choose TWO responsible students from your class to give student banker privileges to. I also paid them the highest job rate for the class and this reinforced using Banqer responsibly, students aimed for the Student Banker role. Each student had a different role - One checked bills/payments, the other gave out rewards.- Rewards - We use Class Dojo as a school, but you could use other reward systems such as a tick chart etc. My student bankers add rewards from Class Dojo every Monday - $10 per point or tick. We also have a group of the week - $50 for each student. I also gave out a reward on a student's birthday.- Class Auctions - Great way for students to spend their money. We have had purchases from a single fruit burst or lolly, DJ of the week, choosing their own desk, swapping desks, no fines for a week, 10 minutes free time etc.A couple of tips for auctions: I started with limits for auctions so that students didn't go into bankruptcy, however students really quickly begin to understand what buyer's regret is! Also if a student was in overdraft they couldn't participate in the auction. - Fines - We have fines for silly transactions, not bringing P.E. Gear, missing payments. I quickly had my whole class bringing their P.E. gear every day as well.I would love to hear about any new ideas or tips, please comment below!