Rob Oliphant

How I use Banqer

Banqer has become a very popular tool in much so that the other classes in the Syndicate are rolling in our this term.Ways I use it:- Classroom behaviour management- Weekly auction for the use of classroom furniture- End of term auction for yummy food etc- Payments for returning forms / permission slips on time. Returned the next day might get a $100 payment, decreasing by $25 per day-Helping around the school. Student are looking for ways to earn more money around the school by helping other teachers. Some would argue we shouldn't be rewarding kids for doing these tasks and that they should do them anyway. The counter - we get paid for what we do. It is a reflection of "real life"- Completing homework on time- Producing high quality workThere really is no end to the options. Once students get their head around interest, taxes, insurance etc AND they an see ways to spend their cash thing start to open up.Importantly I have given students several possible ways to spend.- weekly auction- end of term big action- buy a house- pay others to complete tasksStudents are now beginning to see how they need to find a balance and decide what they really want and how to get it.Rob