Erin Wilkinson - How I use Banqer

I am a maths teacher in a Christchurch high school. I have started using Banqer with my year 10 class to develop their understanding of Financial Literacy.We have discussed what income is, and why we use different accounts. Next lesson we will focus on applying for classroom jobs and what we can do with that income. It may come as a shock to some students when their income is first taxed - but my hope is that this will spark a discussion on what income tax is and what it is used for.I have invited my classes other teachers (English, Science and Social Studies) to join our class in Banqer. This will enable students to continue their financial literacy learning in other subjects, and promote rewards and fines we have decided on together.If anyone else has any awesome ideas on how to use Banqer when I only see a class for four hours a week - I'm all ears!

Erin Wilkinson