Nicole Smart

Banqer with my year 7 class

My students absolutely love banqer.In my classroom students are given money from January 1st so that when school starts in February they are able to begin paying for the bills on day one. My students get charged 3 main bills; rent, power, internet. They also start paying tax (because we will always get taxed!) For a few weeks students are getting basic income while I give them time to plan their CV and apply for jobs. From there I give students the chance to apply for jobs. Those that are successful work for their pay. Those who don't have jobs I set up an automatic payment and these students receive 'unemployment benefit'. I always give out random payments for things like wearing a hat or bringing in their home-learning. Some students receive fines for not having PE gear and things like that and also give the bank money to have the privilidge to listen to music.Throughout the first term I add interest to savings and kiwisaver. Around halfway through the year I set up the property market perhaps the students favourite time!This is banqer in my classroom!